Tablet floor stand

A flexible way of presenting your business

A tablet floor stand is a perfect way to present business on your tablet at conventions, trade shows and exhibitions, or allow customers to order products from your showroom right away!
We sell tablet floor stands in every price range and all floor stands can be upgrades to satisfy your needs.

Find your Floor Stand by choosing the brand category of your tablet.


Adjust our high-quality Floor Stand to fit your business’ needs

The Floor Stand helps you integrate your tablet in business. Ease your presentation, whether it is in your store, restaurant, showroom, exhibition, convention or any other location.
                When using your tablet in business you want to secure it from damage and theft. The Floor Stand prevents people from simply taking your tablet, in addition it is possible to equip a push lock for extra safety!
                Using wireless connections such Wi-Fi or 4G are not restricted by the Floor Stand. The design makes sure the charger of your tablet is invisible and protected.
                For advertising purposes there are Floor Stands available with a wide front plate attached to the stand.  This allows you to have your company logo on the front of the stand or any other message for your customers to read.

Upgrades for your Floor Stand

All our Floor Stands are modular and are expandable with various features:

  • Rotation disc: Easily change the position of the casing from landscape to portrait.
  • Tilt option: Adjust the view and operational angle of the tablet holder.
  • Height adjustable tube: Simply adjust the height between 60 and 120 cm.
  • Set of wheels: For easy transportation of the Floor Stand.
A Floor Stand to fit any tablet

           Our stands fit nearly every tablet available including models of the following brands:

  • Apple iPad.

  • Samsung.

  • Microsoft.

  • Acer.

  • Toshiba.

  • Sony.

  • Lenovo.


When your brand is not included in the list above we offer a simple solution. There are two types of tablet holders, the dedicated and the universal. Dedicated fits are tailored for one tablet model to make sure it fits seamlessly. The universal fits a range of models depending on your tablet’s size.

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