Wall Mounted Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB Tablet Enclosure Piatto white
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Tamper proof wall mounted white acrylic enclosure for Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB. For mounting a tablet in public environments. Lockable with anti theft bolt.

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Tablet wall mount Piatto Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB

Use of the 'flat to the wall' mount for tablets. 

A stylish flat to a wall mounted enclosure solution for the usage of tablets in various surroundings and any purpose. The enclosure is made of high quality acrylic material and available with frosted finish in black or white. The slender housing and the high quality material provides an astonishing tablet enclosure adding value to any luxurious interior.

Perfect fit wall mount frame for your tablet

When positioning, the tablet fits in perfectly with the "slip & slide" design dedicated to one make and model tablet. Piatto casings come in various sizes; every iPad and most Samsung tablets have an on the shelf tight fit solution available. Choose from the following sizes: iPad Mini, iPad Air/ 9.7, iPad Pro, Samsung 8 inch, Samsung tab A 2016, Samsung tab S, Samsung tab E, Samsung Pro 12,2" or request a custom size.The enclosure can be positioned in both landscape and portrait orientation. After positioning the tablet, place the solid closing block and secure the casing with a safety bolt. The recessed safety bolt is hardly visible after construction and can only be opened easily with the special matching safety bit that is included with Piatto.

Advantages of Piatto iPad and tablet wall bracket

A tablet that isn't as frequent as an Apple or Samsung? No problem! Piatto can be designed to fit any make and model tablet, just simply mention the tablet brand and type in the comments at the check-out section of the shop.

A hole in the backside to guide away power or network cables into the wall. A carved cable gutter allows enhanced cable management. Due to Piatto’s flat backside it can even be mounted on smooth surfaces like glass or acryl with double sided heavy duty mounting tape. In spite that Piatto tablet wall mounts are for mounting onto a wall the casing is aditionally equipped to be assembled onto other BRAVOUR tablet stands and other brands VESA 100 mounts too.

Benefits of secured tablet wall mount Piatto:

A summary with special features and unique properties of the Piatto flat onto a wall mount for Apple iPads and Samsung tablets

  • Value for money

  • Stylish, slim and luxurious finish

  • High quality frosted acrylic in black or white

  • Tight to the wall fitting

  • Portrait and landscape positioning possible

  • Camera and/or homebutton optional unavailable. (by default available)

  • Anti-theft security, tamper proof, Lock it with a safety bolt

  • Perfect fit with "slip & slide" interior construction dedicated to make and model tablet

  • Cable management

  • VESA 100 mount compatible

  • WiFi signal is not interrupted by the casing

  • Suitable for use in public space 


Specifications of the Piatto wall mount

Dimensions casing (mm)
iPad Mini
iPad Air/ 9.7
iPad Pro
Samsung 8 inch
Samsung tab A 2016
Samsung tab S
Samsung tab E
Samsung Pro 12,2

260 x 175 x 18
317 x 205 x 18
385 x 245 x 18

Dimensions foot (mm) n.a.
Weight  0,5-0,9 kg
Height (mm)  
Material acrylate
Default colors:  white





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