Tablet stand

Tablet stand

What is a tablet stand?

A tablet standard is a supporting product to present your tablet to a target group.
We know, this is a very wide definition, but it shows how many applications are possible to use a tablet stand.
Most likely, a tablet standard can also help you present a message or functionality to your audience!

Different types of tablet stands

There are many different types of tablet standards available.
Roughly, they can be divided into three categories:
  1. Floor stands
  2. Desk stands
  3. Wall mounts

Floor stand

A floor stand is a standard including foot and long tube.
This allows you to present the tablet at the correct height for standing or passing visitors.

Examples of the application of a floor stand:
  • Presenting a survey on an exhibition
  • Offering digital productinformation in a showroom

Desk stand

A desk stand is a tablet stand with small tube and foot, which can be placed on smooth surfaces, like a counter.
The desk stand can also be supplied with a mounting plate instead of a separate foot.
This allows the tablet stand to be mounted on the surface, an extra measure against theft.

Examples of the application of a desk stand:
  • As a point of sale in a retail store
  • To interact with a target group in a waiting room

Wall mount

The name says it all: a wall mount is a tablet holder that can be attached to the wall or other vertical surface.
A wall mount is space-saving and can be presented flat against wall or with (flexible) arm, depending on purpose.

Great example of the use of tablet stands. This Tabletstandshop customer use a floor stand to show their (online catalog) and use a desk stand as a Point of Sale system.

How can a tablet stand help you to reach your goal?

As you can see, there are countless possibilities for the use of tablet stands to achieve your goal.
Orient yourself further on our website and select a tablet stand below.
You can also contact our product specialists: we will be happy to help you with any questions about tablet stands!



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