Floor stand electric height adjustable for tablets 12-13 inch black Securo
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Tablet floor stand for 12 and 13 inch tablets. Electric height adjustable, lockable, cable integration possible, great stability!

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This standing tablet Floor Stand is ideal for use in public spaces, where a device should be easily accessible to your audience in a secured cassette. 
The floor stand is also electric height adjustable.
The tablet can be fitted in the anti-theft and vandalism proof holder (rotating/tilt). The holder is fixed with bolts and optional push lock.
The power cable can be fed invisibly through the stand to the floor or wall. Wireless reception and sound quality are not affected by the holder.

Furthermore, the Securo comes with our unique Click and Go system©
The system works like a standard issue lock: simply turn the key inside the lock and the cassette will be unlocked, place the tablet inside the cassette and lock the cassette again by pushing the lock, until a click is heard. The cassette is now locked again, and you are free to go. 

This universal holder is suitable for all 12 & 13 inch systems

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