Fino iPad Pro 10.5", black
Fino casing for iPad Pro 10.5"; black
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Casing only!!! No mounting included! This Fino is especially developed for the iPad Pro 10.5", Lock included

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Fino casing iPad Pro 10.5"

Fino is your best choice if you wish to combine exclusive allure with secured mobility solutions. The built-in key lock secures your tablet against theft and the tablet can be easily inserted with the optimal 'slip and slide' © system.

Wireless reception and sound quality are not affected by the holder.

Advantages Fino Cassettes

Fino casings are designed of a specific model providing a tight fit in an luxurious acrylic black or white casing.
A luxurious refined acrylic enclosure for tablet displays. The difference between this design and the Meglio design is that Fino casings are tailor made for one certain make and model tablet fitting Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows tablets like a glove in the kiosk with the patented "slip 'n slide" it in principle. 

Feel free to call or email us, or start a chat for advice about your specific model or wishes: we'll be delighted to assist you in choosing the best options to suit your wishes.

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