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Do you have a tablet Floor Stand from design series Securo, Fino, Meglio or Lusso? You can extend the power of the tablet holder with a signal display. This display shows body and sends a power signal

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Do you have a Tablet Floor Stand for your Microsoft, Samsung or Apple device from design series Securo, Lusso, Fino or Meglio? You can extend the power of the iPadhouder with a signal display. This display shows body and on the front to add an additional text.

This text / imprint can self cater, but My Sleeve Tabletstandshop.co.uk is happy to provide the wrapping for you so you get a ready product.
If you want, you should consider a logo or wrapping on the display with the next delivery specifications:

  • PDF files should not contain any cutting / registration marks!

  • PDF files should not be flattened.

  • All text should be converted to outlines.

  • Linked add files or embed.

  • Keep strictly bleeds per application (see below).

Color Settings
These color settings should be used within the Adobe design programs:
CMYK Euroscale coated / PMS colors for files containing text, graphics and / or logos.
RGB colors for photo files.
Solid areas or lines (deep) black be happy to hold these values: C 40 M 20 Y 20 K 100
To be sure of the most accurate color matching, provide a color reference print and indicate where possible PMS color numbers. We approach than the color as much as possible.

Holding as it can be a resolution of 100 dpi to, and otherwise following resolution (full size).
view Distance
0 to 1 meter minimum resolution 100 dpi
1 to 5 meters: Minimum resolution 70 dpi
5 to 10 meters: Minimum resolution 50 dpi

delivery formats
Files deliver in the following formats:
PDF Adobe Illustrator / m CC 2014 Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign t / m CC 2,014  TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG

Bleed per application
The size of the bleed can be determined through the following categories:
Repo Graphic printing: 3 mm wide
Banners / canvas / posters the like .: 10 mm wide
Foil wrapping 15 mm wide

Files up to 10MB please email us at info@tewebshops.nl. Larger files can provide the easiest way WeTransfer.com. On this site you can upload the file, add our email address and give a brief description. We can then easily download the file.

If files do not meet the above specifications can have a direct influence on the delivery time, print quality and / or pricing.

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