Lectern - Clear acrylic - Crystal
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Beautiful, clear acrylic lectern. Stable and equipped with two shelves for extra storage space.

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Clear acrylic lectern 'Crystal'

Acrylic lectern 'Crystal' is a beautiful, solid lectern for every occasion.
By making use of transparent plastic, a fine, open atmosphere is created.
Because of this open structure, without front panel, the speaker has the convenience of a presentation unit without the furniture itself being 'in the picture'.

It is an excellent acrylic furniture, stable and equipped with no less than 2 additional storage trays on which, for example, a glass, spectacle holder or reference book can be placed.

The lectern is provided with a large reading platform, which gives the speaker plenty of space for documentation on the reading page.
In addition, this lightweight model, 15 kilograms, is easily movable.

Katheder 'Crystal' is supplied as a kit. You take care of building the lectern yourself with all the supplied materials. Of course it is possible to supply the lectern, assembled, for a small fee.

Dimensions and specifications lectern 'Crystal':

Footprint: 400 x 350 mm
Table top: 550 x 400 mm
Height to table top:     1050 mm
Total height: 1250 mm
Weight: 15 kg

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