AIP buys 4 white Fino tablet wall mounts for exhibition purposes

  Editors |     15/05/2018     Comments (0)

AIP buys 4 tablet wall mounts for exhibition purposes Tablets on an exhibition or trade show are more and more a musthave. Presenting the tablet in a tabletstand is an outstanding way to interact with visitors and highlight your ehibition stand. AIP Exhibition trust on as a preferred supplier. For a clients exhibition, AIP needed a tablet holder solution to present four Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. Because the tablets were presented in public space, the tablet holders needed to be theft-proof. Visitors also needed to be able to use the tablet in landscape or portrait position. AIP decided to purchase four white Bravour® ‘Fino’ wall mount holders . The Fino cassette range is a dedicated casing, designed for a specific model, in this case the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This acrylic...

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