AIP buys 4 white Fino tablet wall mounts for exhibition purposes

AIP buys 4 tablet wall mounts for exhibition purposes

Tablets on an exhibition or trade show are more and more a musthave.
Presenting the tablet in a tabletstand is an outstanding way to interact with visitors and highlight your ehibition stand.

AIP Exhibition trust on as a preferred supplier.

For a clients exhibition, AIP needed a tablet holder solution to present four Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.
Because the tablets were presented in public space, the tablet holders needed to be theft-proof. Visitors also needed to be able to use the tablet in landscape or portrait position.

AIP decided to purchase four white Bravour® ‘Fino’ wall mount holders.
The Fino cassette range is a dedicated casing, designed for a specific model, in this case the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.
This acrylic tablet holder fitted perfectly with the white column on which the holder was mounted.
The built-in push lock secures the tablet against theft and the tablet can be easily inserted with the optimal 'slip and slide' © system. 
In this case, AIP Exhibition chosen the ‘small screen’edition, so the home button and camera are inaccessible for visitors.

Four white ‘Fino’ tablet wall mounts, mounted on columns, ready to be installed for the customer. As you can see, our tablet wall mounts are perfectly suitable for every flat surfaces besides walls!


‘The tabletstandshop team is great and very helpful. The wall mounts work perfectly with the Surface Pro!’ Richard Perkes, Director AIP Exhibitions ltd

About AIP Exhibitions

AIP Exhibitions is an exhibition and events agency.
The company, who call themselves the ‘Exhibition Ninja’  specialize in complete and unique projects, from design to installation.
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About Tabletstandshop

Tabletstandshop is part of MySleeve. is a manufacturer and also has a chain of web shops in presentation furniture and load / synchronization solutions for tablets and laptops for the corporate e-consumer such as retail, conference centers, healthcare, (semi) government and multinationals.
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