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Securo & Meglio tablet display stand
Tablet display stand:
The tablet will increasingly be used as an interactive presentation tool in shops, exhibition stands and for example at Banks. A tablet is used more and more in dialogue marketing. The tablet display stand series Securo, full metal tablet display stand and luxury series Meglio, stand with acrylic tablet casing, are now available with a billboard.

-  Unique presentation material.
-  European quality.
-  Present your company logo or advertisement.
-  Lying and standing options.
-  Suitable for Tablet-casings 9 -11 inches and 12-13 inches.
-  Lockable with safety screws.
-  The wiring will not be visable. 




Tablet display stand 

The result is a uniquely designed Tablet/kiosk display stand. The advertising Panel is available in white, black and matte clear plastic.  Maximum functionality Each tablet Display stand is suitable for Tablet-casings 9 -11 inches and even for tablet-casings 12-13 and 21.5 inches. The casings are modular and therefore suitable for almost any brand tablet. It is anti theft lockable with safety screws or stainless steel push lock. You can change the casing either in portrait or landscape position, with a simple movement.  A power cable can be lead through the tube to the foot and a headphone jack can be lead through the top of the casing to the tablet. 



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