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7 - 8 Inch Products

Small tablets; Bigger isn't always better

The 7" and 8" tablets are gaining ground on the regular sizes 9" and 10" in public areas where images are less important, but the information or possibility to order is wanted.

We offer holders and enlcosures to fit your needs.

Securo tablet stand
Seen everywhere around the globe. The Securo tablet stand design meets simplicity, functionality with maximum safety and comfort. A sturdy metal case secures your Tablet or iPad and does not compromise on distinguished presentation skills. Securo is available in white, black, silvergrey and stainless steel finish. 

Meglio tablet stand
Colourful elegant round edge style tablet stand. The acrylic tablet stand is available in black and white and can be customised to almost every colour or print. The cassette is mounted on a sturdy metal base which is available in white, black, silvergrey and stainless steel finish. Key lock included!

Fino tablet stand
Designed as a luxury holder for tablets. The difference between this model and the Meglio is that it is tablet specific. We have chosen to produce for iPad mini, iPad generation 2/3/4, iPad air 1/2 , iPad Pro 9.7" & 12.9" and Samsung a/s, Samsung Pro 12.2". Key lock included!

Floor stands
Desk stands
Tablet Wall mounts




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